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John Mayer Explains How Making His New Album ‘Sob Rock’ Was the Music Equivalent of ‘Shitposting

“This one’s called Sob Rock because you just would never have imagined that was the name of the record,” musician tells Zane Lowe. “And I’m going to go so deep into my fantasy”

John Mayer explained how a driving creative force behind his new album, Sob Rock, was a desire to make a record that was equivalent to “shitposting” on the internet, in a new interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1.

Recalling how he was told at the start of his career that his music was “not what’s hot,” Mayer said, “What I would love other people to understand is that there is no more reason to have to adhere to any given idea of cool. Especially post-pandemic, which for the first time in anyone’s lives stopped the clock on the hyper modern day trade of culture.”

For Mayer, that freedom prompted him to approach his new music in a way that was more provocative, that might get him in trouble, or at least have someone tell him, “This is shit.” He continued: “I made a record, that to me at the time, only in a way to coax something out of me that I wouldn’t have normally done — shitpost a record. It’s called Sob Rock because it’s a shitpost. But more importantly it’s what I thought was a shitpost, and this gets down to where artists sit in front of you and play you what they think is their garbage. And you go, ‘That’s the best thing I ever heard you play.’ It makes a mockery of their interpretation of the experience. Which is just enough to break out of the mold and make something unique

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